QlikView Partnership

As an exclusive QlikView Implementation Partner, Halfaker couples QlikView technology with our deep expertise in data analysis, analytics, and visualization to assist the Federal Government with achieving cost savings, efficiencies and critical optimization. QlikView is an affordable, easy-to-use Business Intelligence tool that enables organizations to explore large data sets, identify trends and make new discoveries that drive innovative decision-making.


QlikView Overview and Benefits

QlikView is a business intelligence software solution that consolidates data from multiple sources into a single application, called the Business Discovery platform. More than 1,000 government agencies worldwide are now using QlikView to analyze data in ways never before possible, and for a fraction of the time and cost.

Government agencies will see several benefits by adopting QlikView:

  • Reduce IT costs by empowering business analysts with an intuitive data analysis tool
  • Meet the government’s mandate to do more with less, and meet demands for transparency
  • Implement a custom data analysis solution in days or weeks rather than months or years
  • Automate reporting
  • Make informed business decisions backed up by data
  • Aggregate and analyze high volumes of data from multiple, disparate sources
  • Integrate with existing BI applications to add new capabilities


In January 2014, the QlikView Business Discovery platform was ranked number one by the elite KLAS research firm, receiving the highest overall rating among other vendors in several areas, including ease of use. More...


The Halfaker Advantage

Selecting Halfaker to implement your QlikView Business Discovery platform ensures you are receiving state-of-the-art service from a Service Disabled Veteran Owned certified and trained QlikView Partner. You will have complete confidence that Halfaker understands QlikView’s full capabilities and knows how to quickly reach the best solutions, and offers the most competitive pricing available. Halfaker’s trained QlikView experts work with clients to assess data sources, align and prepare data, identify business requirements, successfully implement a Business Discovery platform, and understand patterns and trends to perform detailed analysis. Halfaker is excited to leverage QlikView with our clients to enable the discovery of new business insights for improved decision making and cost savings.

How QlikView Works

Let’s take a look at an example from the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC) to fully understand the deep analysis and cost saving power of QlikView:

The data being analyzed in the example comes from the Summary of Deposits (SOD), which is the annual survey of branch office deposits across 7,000+ banks located in the United States. This data provides the total dollar amount of deposits at each of the 95,000+ branches. The deposit levels of these branches (by Region, State, County, City and even Street) are critically important market information that is analyzed by all management levels of a bank. The FDIC utilized data experts, like those at Halfaker, to assess, align, and upload the data to QlikView and identify business requirements for programming and successfully implementing the QlikView Business Discovery platform. Once implemented, the QlikView application, which is intuitive and requires virtually no training, allows business users of all skill levels to ask and answer a multitude of questions with just a few clicks.

Interactive QlikView Business Discovery for FDIC

Interactive QlikView Business Discovery for FDIC

Click here to launch the interactive FDIC demo