Data Analytics

Make informed decisions

Agencies are intensely focused on optimizing resources, finding efficiencies to improve performance and meet mission requirements. At Halfaker, we leverage our highly qualified experts, best-of-breed tools, and proven best practices in data mining and software development to create pragmatic, cost-effective analytic solutions for our clients in the federal marketplace. We specialize in working with government organizations to quickly unlock, understand and apply the value contained within large structured and unstructured data sets, and integrate analytical capabilities into the day-to-day business operations of our clients. Our analytics solutions include all forms of data management, assessment, and cleansing to ensure data has integrity, is secure, and can support detailed analysis and decision making. Our analytics offerings include:

  • Predictive Data Analytics
  • Analytics Model Development
  • Data Mining
  • Statistical Analysis
  • Data Discovery
  • Clinical Data Abstraction
  • Advanced Data Visualization
  • Business Intelligence
  • Information Intelligence
  • Interactive Dashboards
  • Data Quality Assessments

Learn more about our exclusive QlikView Implementation Partnership where we are able to couple QlikView technology with our deep expertise in data analysis, analytics, and visualization to assist the Federal Government with achieving cost savings, efficiencies and critical optimization.