John L. English

Chief Executive Officer
Heartland Energy Partners (HEP)

John English is currently Chief Executive Officer of Heartland Energy Partners (HEP), which he founded in 2009. HEP is an energy services company whose capabilities relate to the utility industry in the areas of smart grid, energy efficiency and asset management. Under Mr. English’s leadership, HEP offers a comprehensive approach to the management of load capacity and assets to more efficiently distribute power to residential and commercial customers. Mr. English utilizes his unique relationships in the electric utility industry to provide, not just products and services, but an unparalleled level of knowledge from a public policy standpoint.

Prior to founding Heartland Energy Partners, Mr. English work for the Office of the Secretary at the Department of Veterans Affairs for four years. He was a key player in the implementation of department-wide security controls and processes after the largest data breach in U.S. history, which exposed 26.5 million Veterans personal identifiable information. He has been involved in the development of a single electronic record in which President Obama charged the VA and DoD to develop for all service men and women. He has worked with the development of a comprehensive plan to address PTSD, TBI, homelessness and job creation. Mr. English has also been involved in other quality of care issues and the implementation of the new Chapter 33 G.I. Bill.

Prior to joining the VA, Mr. English was a candidate for state office in his home state of Oklahoma in 2004. His service to Oklahoma began by joining the administration of Governor Frank Keating in 1998 where he worked alongside the governor in promoting a pro-growth economic agenda for the state. In 1991, Mr. English joined the United States Marine Corps and was honorably discharged in 1996.


John English has spent the past 15 years working hand-in-hand with our nation’s top leaders in areas such as energy, healthcare and technology and innovation. After moving from successful careers as a Senior Advisor to both former Oklahoma Governor Frank Keating and current Department of Veterans Affairs Secretary Eric Shinseki, Mr. English also has a strategic partnership with former HHS Secretary and Wisconsin Governor Tommy Thompson.

Mr. English received his undergraduate degree from The University of Oklahoma and his MBA from George Washington University.